Stacey Sapphire

 Pornstar & Highclass companion.

Some personal info about me then:

living in: Amsterdam (the Netherlands) Will travel internationally for bookings.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Gender: Female (the world wants to indentify me as transfemale yet I refuse to use that label, there is no T on my passport) But yes orriginally I was born a boy.

born: 1988
Height: 171 cm (5"7)
Weight 75Kg (165lbs)
Clothing size: 38
Cup size : D (silicone)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde (Naturally Dark Blonde)
Piercings: YES! 7 in ears, 1 in tong, 1 Belly.
Tattoos: Let Arm 70% sleeve, right arm 3 inner underarm, Leg left high on thigh, right leg inner ankle.

pubic area: Shaved