Stacey Sapphire

 Pornstar & Highclass companion.

Terms of service

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Sapphire Media & Modelling
Sapphire Media & Modelling KVK/buisnes reg#: 68234511, The Netherlands

Dating/escort services:

Phonenumber: (+31) 6 397 11 932 (call/whatsapp)

On whatsapp only full messages get answered, name, reason of contact)

  • Privacy: I respect and understand the privacy of all clients and wil allways carry out all precautions to preserve this.
  • Respect is key! I have full respect for my clients and expect the same in return.
  • Hygene: I guarrantee being totally fresh and healty on arrival. I ecpext the same of you and the location of the date. Everything needs to be clean and tidy.
  • I will always travel with my own driver/transport. You are welcome to join in if needed at no costs.
  • Escort to hotels, homes, clubs, restaurants only. I will not come to parkinglots, forests etc.
  • I won't do Cardates.
  • As a extra service I can arrange a hotel booking for us. The full ammount of the hotel costs needs to be transferd in advanche (no refunds possible at some hotels when there is no cancelation option! Note if chosen for this service a minumum of a 3 or 4 star hotel is chosen depending on the facilities present.
  • For overnight stays the hotel must be at least a 4 Star hotel or even 5 Star.

Minimum Escort booking hours.

Depending on the travel distance to your location a minimum booking time may apply.

  • up to 100km from Amsterdam (no minimum)
  • up to 150km a minimum of 2 hours.
  • over 150km the hours booked must be equal to the travel time (two ways calculated)


  • Travelcosts up to 50km from Amsterdam are included on booking from 2 hours or more
  • Travelcosts up to 150km are included on bookings from 4 hours and up.
  • For each extra km €0,50 will be charged.

     Important Rules

  •  I am always allowed to refuse sertain handlings, be it for personal reasons or hygienic reasons.
  • All handlings we be done with consent of both. Handlings that are not named can be discussed.
  • I love having a drink myself and I would'nt mind you having a drink. But if you become a hazzard to me by drinking to much the date will be ended on instant and no refund will be given.
  • I work on a NO DRUGS policy! I do not use drugs nor do I approve you using drugs. If you need drugs to date me I am NOT your kind of girl! If I suspect any drug use I will end the reservation instantly an leave with no refund of the payment.
  • Filming/photographs during a date are only allowed with explicit approval of me as this is not included in the standard services extra costs will apply. Unautorized filming will be taken seriously and taken to court.
  • NO is NO! if there is any disrespect or intended ingorance the reservation will be ended directly. It's all about respect for one and other.

         - Spitting in my mouth/face, slappig my face, willingly trying to hurt me, trying something whitout
           asking me are on the red list for me on witch the date will me terminated on instant!

  • On dates from 16 to 24 hours I must be given at least 1 hour of private time.
  • On dates of 24 hours or longer I must be given at least 2 hours private time per 24 hour, at least 6 hours of sleep and at least 3 meals a day on your costs.
  • On any date I must be able to stay in contact with my personal driver/bodyguard at any time.
  • My Driver/bodyguard will in any case stay near. that means on +12 hour distance or international dates his accomodations needs to be arranged and paid by you.
  • SAFE SEX only! All intimacy will be done safe with Condom. For bare dates there are special rules and rates.
  • I am regulary tested on STD's and vaccined against Hepatitus-B.

Payment options and cancelation

Several payment option are provided some may have additional costs.


On arrival



On arrival/ up front


Sumup paylink (credit card only)

On arrival/ up front


Credit card/Bankcard

On arrival/ up front


Banktransfer National

Up front


Banktransfer International

Up front



On arrival/ Up front



All reservations need to be cancled 24 hours prior to the reservated date and time in order to a refund to be given.

If a cancelation is received whitin the 24 hour window no refund of the down payment will be given.

I am always able to cancel a reservation for personal reasons. the downpayment will in this case allways be refunded completely.

New Clients check:

For safety reason a fake/blacklist check will always be done prior to confirming a booking.

Besides this the following rule applies to new Clients.

  • A downpayment on all escort reservations is mandatory and required by Sumup paylink(credit card), banktransfer, tikkie or paypal. Deposits are free of extra charges as mentioned before.

         up to 2 hour reservations €50
         up to 4 hours reservations €100
         up to 8 hour reservations  €250

        For international or longer then 8 hour reservations  a downpayment of 50%  needs to be
         forfilled. This also applies to returning clients and needs to be done by Credit Card.