Especially now everybody want’s to save on money and with my VOUCHERS you can do this even on dates, events and merchendaise!

New Vouchers will be added over time as event & Merch voucher will only be available prior to and for live events.


Save BIG on live cam costs by phurcasing these vouchers for LIVE camshows thru Skype or Whatsapp.


The date vouchers allow you to save greatly on Escort and Incall services.

By phurcasing multiple hours in advance you can take advantage of great discounts on the hourly rates.

Phurcased time can be used over multiple dates unless indicated otherwise.

Travel Costs, Extra Services are not included in the deals unless its a All Inclusive voucher.

Vouchers need to be paid up front, online and in one payment. All regular terms to dating apply.

As Vouchers are strictly personal identification may be asked up on usage at the beginning of a date.

If the suspition occurs of fraud (ie: the vouchers has been given to a friend/ fake ID) the Voucher will loose its credibility and will no longer be valid as so will be All remaining hours!